December 7, 2015

Another World is Possible

Becca Ulasich wrote this poem and read it at church. I knew when I heard it that I would letter it for her.

Another World is Possible

A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not quench, until He leads justice to victory. - Matt. 10:12

Another world is possible, and that is the hope, that is the promise.
No matter how bad it gets, no matter how long it takes us
to learn from our battered history
No matter how few of us live toward it
No matter how many of us fight against it
another world is always possible

but not inevitable
perhaps not even likely
but possible
and in that possibility is the hope of the world
that there is always a way
to live
to love
to be the people we hope to be
to bend our lives toward justice

amidst all the hatred and evil, amidst the violence and war, amidst the many lines which divide
there will always be a smoldering wick
there will always be a promise
a beckon
a call
which we may or may not heed
toward a different story

The arc of history is long
and longsuffering
but it bends, slightly, hopefully
toward justice

and he will keep that possibility alight
he will hold the broken reed together
on the chance
the possibility
that we will follow his lead toward justice
to sacrifice
and humility
to compassion and hospitality
to kindness and love
to courage
to death
he will lead us
following the smoldering wick of hope
that another world is possible


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