April 12, 2015

Project Based Homeschool Master Class

I started an online class this week over at


I am excited to hone my skills and “Level Up” as a project mentor to our kids. Ever since I took Lori’s journaling class last year, I have been experimenting with journals, planning and documenting for homeschool (and life). It is good to refocus specifically on the projects the kids do in school. This was a great time to drill into this a little more because all four younger girls are working on something for the homeschool Imagination Fair coming up in May.


I am posting some of my recent project journal pages here so I can share them with the class in the private forum.


This is my notes page from some of this week’s class materials (sketchnote style)


Here is one of the first observation pages I did (no frills!) The check boxes are for something that needs follow up soon. This page and the following have not been through the review stage yet so I haven’t gone back and highlighted anything, which I will do soon.


another observation page – I left more room on the left this time so I could note who it was about and the date


A brainstorming page for a fairy garden project. The girls made their OWN as well and then they started choosing the ideas they want to work with and created diagrams of their fairy garden layouts in their own notebooks. The supplies list on the right is for ALL the projects we started this week. I took this to the store with me


more observations, notes, progress, action items


some process notes for myself as I sort out planning, documenting and processing



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