July 12, 2012

Time with My Savior

time with my savior

Dear Jesus, I miss the time we have spent together in the garden of my heart. It’s not because you have left me but because I have let the cares of this world and the immediacy of every day life clutter my time and my soul. I have let what’s less important crowd out what’s truly important. I remember all the times you have met me right where I am - during quiet times in the morning, at retreats, in prayer ministry, on the worship team and all the times you have quietly spoken into my being just because you love me and wanted to bless me. I want to be with you and dwell in your Spirit but I need more than just my willpower to stay in your presence. Help me find my way back to you. Keep me close. Take me back to your garden and grow me again.

Credits: Easter Celebration artistic papers, digital kit, graffiti and borders. Earthy kit. Determination kit. Unique Junque Kit & Alpha (all by Christine Smith Digital Design)


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